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Real Estate

Matters connected with real estate trading constitute one of the key areas of the Law Firm's activity.

The Firm offers legal services at every stage of real estate projects, for commercial, office, residential or logistic purposes. Such advice covers acquisitions, zoning, the construction process and financing, as well as the commercialisation and sale of real estate. We also help clients with the implementation of infrastructure and advise on all regulatory and administrative aspects. In relation to real estate acquisitions and sales, we advise our clients in the following matters in particular:

Due diligence analyses

Preliminary and final sale agreements for real estate, companies and SPVs

Establishing mortgages, easements and other types of limited material right and security

Mergers and acquisitions, transformations and restructurings for companies that operate in the real estate sector

Shareholders’ agreements

Joint-venture companies

Preparing and negotiating real estate agency agreements

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